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Postseason Game Plan

If you don't do anything else this Medicare Season, then do this!

Great teams spend countless hours preparing before each season begins. They work hard to make sure that they are prepared for every opportunity they will face, and they take time to develop the best habits to ensure success. They also begin with the end in mind to set goals to get through the Regular Season and become champions!

As you gear up for Medicare Advantage season it is important to begin with the end in mind, and consider what you’re going to do when the Regular Season (Medicare Season) ends and you enter the Postseason. With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard has created the Postseason Game Plan. This game plan will keep you focused so that you can advance to the Postseason ready to help more clients than you ever thought possible.

We’re not talking about taking anything away from your Medicare sales. We are talking about how to equip yourself with a revolutionary “game plan” that will increase your relationships with everyone you meet with and allow you to better serve your clients once open enrolment is over.

Serve your clients with another major need after Medicare Season

With regulations and guidelines continuing to increase, now more than ever we all can see that you need to diversify your business and create a new revenue source. Did you know that the Medicare clients you meet with everyday are the exact same people who need coverage for final expenses? Helping serve their needs just makes sense. It’s a perfect transition and so simple to do when you use our marketing system.

Also, it’s proven that your previous clients want to buy more from you! The Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA) found that 78% of life insurance shoppers with previous relationships with their agent bought life insurance when their agent presented it to them1. According to this research, there is a huge need for agents to present life insurance products to seniors. And, since you’re the trusted advisor to your clients, they are also more likely to buy life insurance from you. All you need to do is present it to them!

1Facts from LIMRA – Life Insurance Awareness Month, September 2012

Diversify into final expense!
Now I have a doable system for me to diversify into Final Expense. I have always known my Medicare clients needed final expense, but now I see the end zone.
- Russ S.

Every client is a prospect!
You don't know how many Medicare clients I have overlooked over the years. With Postseason Game Plan, I think about the next possible sale after every client I meet with.
- Jim B.

Postseason Game Plan Paperback


Agents across the country have raved about the eye opening experience of reading Postseason Game Plan. Don't go another year without getting a copy of this book. As you will see, it has been written by agents, for agents. We understand what it is like to work in the senior market and on 100% commission. It is our goal to help you focus in and prepare yourself for future sales once Medicare season is over. View a sample of the book, listen to a portion of our new Audiobook CD or contact your marketing partner to get started.



We are excited to bring you a new tool this year to help you prepare for the postseason. As you drive to and from client appointments you can now listen to each and every chapter of the Postseason Game Plan. Take part in "highway university" as you listen and absorb sales idea nuggets from all 14 chapters. This audiobook is professionally recorded and produced, so make sure you preview a track sample below and request your very own copy today.

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A Super Easy Read!
I am not much of a reader but this book was a super easy read because it related so well to my business. I have read it a few times now and apply something new after each completion.
- Donna S.

Not Another Gimmick!
We all get so many "marketing systems" from IMOs. This is not another gimmick. This actually works. I filled up the client pages in the back and have made significant sales in Final Expense.
- Aaron L.


The Postseason Game Plan App has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and navigate. It is designed to organize your client information and to provide a simple way to export that information to an HTML or Excel document for follow up.

The Postseason Game Plan App is a great tool to keep track of the clients you have followed up with and have yet to follow up with!

or visit http://postseasongameplan.com/app
The Postseason Game Plan takes less than one minute to do.

This book will show you how to spend less than one minute after each Medicare appointment evaluating your client’s needs and then show you how to follow up with them in the Postseason with the game changing Legacy Safeguard service. The entire process is seamless into Medicare Season allowing you to focus on one game at a time (each appointment) all the while knowing that you are building future sales to become a Senior Market Champion. When you take a minute after every Medicare presentation to reflect, see if you can check one or more of the following boxes about the client that you just met with:

  • Are they 65 years old or older?
  • Do they have kids and grandkids?
  • Do they seem like people who like to plan ahead?
  • Are they a person who wants to be remembered long after they’re gone?

Follow all of the CMS guidelines but simply get back in your car and write their name down in the back of the Postseason Game Plan book. Again, if you don’t do anything else this Medicare Season, then do this! The Postseason Game Plan will help grow your Senior Market business year after year with the amount of referrals and cross marketing opportunities you will be receiving with Legacy Safeguard.

Watch the Legacy Safeguard video to learn more about the exclusive turn-key service that you may have access to with certain major final expense carriers!

At Legacy Safeguard, we create each and every marketing system with you in mind. It is our goal to make any process be truly turn-key so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or tie up your staff with additional work. With that being said, we have taken the same measures and applied our “keep it simple” philosophy for mailing your Medicare clients information about Legacy Safeguard.

Mail letters to your Medicare clients for only .50 cents per client plus postage. Letters include return addresses and a genuine stamp. No limit on the size of your client list! Quantities over 1,000 may be eligible to receive reduced pricing.

A. First Class
First class presort may be .38 cents each (minimum 500).
First class for under 500 clients will be a full price stamp.

B. Third Class
Postage can be as low as .28 cents each (minimum 200).

Combined with Legacy Safeguard

Help Clients Leave a Lasting Legacy with Legacy Safeguard
You can help your clients leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone with a free membership in Legacy Safeguard. Legacy Safeguard provides members with legacy planning and end-of-life planning assistance, support and guidance. Members receive the following benefits when they enroll into Legacy Safeguard:

  • Legacy Planning Services
  • End of Life Planning, Guidance & Assistance
  • Support for Survivors
  • Estate Planning Support
  • Celebrating Life Events

  • Watch the Legacy Safeguard video to learn more about the exclusive turn-key sales and marketing system that you may have access to with certain major final expense carriers!
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    Now is the time to get started with the Postseason Game Plan! Simply contact your Marketing Partner, the agency that you work with for final expense and Legacy Safeguard, to request your Postseason Game Plan book along with the Legacy Safeguard Client Letter and Client Appointment Script! You will find that this is one of the easiest sales presentations in the Senior Market that you will ever make, and we’ve outlined everything for you step-by-step. It’s really that simple, and we have it scripted out for you!

    Get your copy of the Postseason Game Plan today and we look forward to seeing you become a true Senior Market Champion!

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